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Day 12 : Your favourite infnite quotes / interview
November 24, 2011 | 11/24/2011 10:32:00 PM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum .
blog saya berwajah baru LAGI . haha bosan la yang dulu , suram je , hitam putih . ni coulurful sikit . walaupun sakit jugak mata pandang lama2 haha . entah bape hari la aku siapkan benda ni . okay back to the topic . aku dapat interview je , quotes , malas nak cari . haha
okay interview ni , of course la HOYA , hehe

Q1 :  An action that you wish fans would stop doing ?
A1 : staying in front of our dorm .

Q2 : "i can promise this one thing with my fans" there is something like that?
A2 : i can show myself improving as a singer each and every day .

Q3 : between "HOBABY" and "ALL-MAN" , which character you like the most?
A3 : i want to be all man when i'm on the stage .

Q4 : when you don't have schedules , what do yo do most? besides singing and dancing practise?
A4 : exercising and reading !

Q5 :  if you were a normal person and not a celebrity , what would you want to do most with your girlfriend?
A5 : walking around the street while holding hands .

Q6 : where do you usually get ideas when  you make rap?
A6 : i get them through reading and watching movies .

Q7 : you can dance , sing and rap , everything perfect but is there something else you want to learn?
A7 : i'm interested in acting and playing instrument , i'm learning it from time to time .

Q8 : is there a word "if i hear this , i would be happy"?
A8 : lately , i like hearing that i'm cute . haha

Q9 : if you were the leader , is there something you could do better than the current leader , Kim Sungkyu?
A9 : there's nothing , the leader is Sungkyu hyung .

Q10 : "i'm envious of this member sometime" . are there time when you think that? if you do , who is it and why you envious of them ?
A10 : i'm envious of Dongwoo hyung's optimistic personality !

okay credit to FUCKYEAHHOYA . see here for more .

oh ye , tambahan . hari ni hari jadi Kevin UKISS . so HAPPY BIRTHDAY yaww . hehe malam semalam aku bukak twitter , sejak lama bersarang benda alah tu . aku pun wish kat kevin sambil tolong trendkan #21KissesForKevin . sikit je pun . haha

k ppyong !

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Assalamualaikum, thanks for the visit and do come again :)

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